20 Years

Science-led strategic restoration

100% Profits

Reinvested into biodiversity

8.8 Million

Native trees planted and regenerated

Our Purpose

At TAHI, we are driven by a singular purpose: to restore a thriving, native and biodiverse ecosystem.

Biodiversity – the interconnectedness of all forms of life on our planet – is in jeopardy. 4.5 billion years in evolution and now human activity is pushing one million species towards extinction. Without biodiversity, there is no other life on earth – including our own. Yet, while nature loves diversity, economies love monocultures and single metrics, like CO2.
Our aim is to accelerate the global conversation from the overly simplistic focus on carbon to the value of native, biodiversity restoration.

TAHI is redefining strategic nature restoration, with a focus on science-based, biodiversity regeneration. From TAHI, the place, our ‘living eco-lab’ located in New Zealand, to our portfolio of purpose-driven products, with 100% of profits reinvested into biodiversity.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Our Model

Our Model

Ecosystem Creation

TAHI’s creation. Nature’s regeneration. 20 years of pioneering, world-leading science to jump-start nature’s regeneration. TAHI has worked with nature to return barren landscapes to rich biodiverse ecosystems.

The Brands of Biodiversity

Our brands power our purpose.
TAHl's high-quality, performance-led eco-luxe brands sit at the apex of luxury and sustainability. 100% of
TAHI profits are reinvested into biodiversity restoration.

The Science of Nature

Our Approach: Science-based.
Tech-enabled. Field-tested. Today,
we are open-sourcing our nature-based knowledge, to accelerate the restoration and biodiversity of
global ecosystems.

One Place.
Two Decades of Science.

TAHI is our 800-acre living eco-lab, located in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our scientists have over 40 years of expertise in ecosystem creation. TAHI is a living example of the power of nature-based science.

From a Biodiversity Desert.
To a Rich Ecosystem.

Our restoration project began in 2004, when we embarked on transforming this beautiful, remote, yet run-down cattle farm and set about returning the land to a biodiversity-rich ecosystem.

Our Biodiversity
Science Team

"For us, TAHI is the power of the example, providing inspiration as a living eco-lab, and for over 20 years,
with our team of scientists, environmentalists, passionate staff and community, we have transformed what was once a barren farmland to a thriving, rich, biodiverse ecosystem.

Suzan Craig, TAHI Founder & CEO
Suzan Craig
Founder & CEO
Eco-preneur and advocate of nature, Suzan Craig has made a global impact championing the importance of biodiversity restoration. Since 2004, her blueprint of nature-based solutions at TAHI have transformed the landscape into a biodiversity hotspot. Beyond TAHI, Suzan invests her time & knowledge in ecological projects, in her roles at the WWF, The Long Run, and as a co-founder of The Villars Institute.
Dr John Craig
Ecologist (ONZM, PhD, BSc)
Dr John Craig is a past professor of Environmental Management and Deputy Dean of Science at the University of Auckland.  He is now a director of Green Inc Ltd, an environmental consultancy. John was co-designer of Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary and has been awarded The New Zealand Order of Merit for his work. He is now actively involved in conservation projects, including the place he calls home TAHI.
Dr Anne Stewart
Ecologist (BSc, MSc, PhD, MBA)
Dr Anne Stewart is a former regional scientist
for the Department of Conservation and former Director of the MBA and Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Auckland. Anne is a Director of Green Inc Ltd. She has a special interest in pollination ecology and its role in restoring functioning ecosystems. She has been actively involved in the restoration of
TAHI since its inception.
Dr Neil Mitchel
Ecologist (MA, MSc, PhD)
Dr Neil Mitchell was a lecturer in ecology at the University of Auckland and is now an independent consultant ecologist, specialising in the ecosystems of northern New Zealand. Neil has particular expertise in carbon sequestration and the restoration of plant systems, especially for the creation of suitable habitats for birdlife, one example being the Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary, which he co-founded with John Craig.

Our Awards

Nature Winner
2021 New Zealand
Sustainable Awards
Supreme Winner
New Zealand Award
2020 New Zealand
Sustainable Awards
Nature Winner
2020 New Zealand
Sustainable Awards
TAHI has been pioneering strategic and sustainable conservation for 20 years.

Our widely-awarded practices won the top accolade in the 2020 New Zealand Sustainable Business Network's Supreme Award, alongside the Restoring Nature Award.

We actively share our experiences and learnings, advocating with leaders in government, commerce, carbon and conservation to make biodiversity a priority on the global climate agenda.


Biological Diversity is a term used to capture the immense variety of life on our planet. It covers all plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and more, including not just microscopic organisms but entire ecosystems.