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Our Native Heroes

Mānuka Honey

From the native Mānuka tree, this antimicrobial oil is used in traditional Māori medicine to heal and soothe.


The saponin-loaded leaves and flowers of this native plant create nature’s perfect cleanser.


Rich in Omega 3 and Vitamins C and E to nourish and moisturise sensitive, fatigued skin.


This herbaceous native plant with large heart-shaped leaves calms and soothes.


Unique flax seed oil, exceptionally high in Omega 6, to help soothe and hydrate.


Māori healers harnessed this native plant’s antifungal and analgesic properties.


Super-rich in omegas 6 and 3 and packed full of vitamin E and C to help improve the appearance of dry, stressed skin.

Biodiversity Positive. Carbon Negative

We change the conversation on carbon, to focus on the potential of biodiversity restoration to stem the dual crises of global warming and biodiversity loss.

Bird Life:
From 20 to 71 Species

In 2004, when our restoration project began, TAHI was home to 20 native species. Today, we have 71 and counting, including 25 rare and endangered birds.

8.4 Million Native Trees Planted or Regenerated

At TAHI we have unlocked the regenerative power of
natural ecosystems. Birdlife super-powers our strategic planting, acting as natural architects for our ecosystem.

100% Profits

TAHI’s model sees us develop global brands with biodiversity at their core. We invest 100% of the proceeds
from TAHI brands into biodiversity projects.

20 Wetlands

Wetlands act as the kidneys of the land. We are proud to have restored almost all of the original wetlands: 95.6 acres of wetlands and 11.1 acres of lakes to date.
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Waterless Formulas

None of our products have water added - no dilution nor waste of precious resources. Formulated only with the best - 100% natural, pure botanical concentrates.

Instead of using distilled water, which has no action on the skin, we add 70% more actives so every single ingredient actively benefits the skin.

Our waterless formulas offer purity and potency in every drop.

TAHI Honey

Proven Performance

Independently clinically tested, our bioactive formulations are proven to perform.


boost in fibroblasts, for skin firmness, contributed by up to 50% by kawakawa and kiwi seed oil 1


significant improvement in hydration and elasticity 2

Cleansing & Purifying

of study participants rated the cleanser with up to 80% cleansing and purifying efficacy after only four weeks of treatment 2

1 Laboratory tests conducted 2022
2 Independent quantitative and qualitative clinical tests 2022 on 20 women for 4-week treatment

The Multi-Active Gel Balm

“This is one of the most luxurious cleansers I’ve ever used, it feels like a mini facial at home, from the smell to the texture. My skin looks instantly plumped, radiant and hydrated.”