Strategic Restoration:

Questions to Consider

A scientist is not the person who gives the right answers. It is the person who asks the right questions.
May these questions guide your restoration project.

Goals & Objectives

– What are the overarching goals and timeframe of the restoration project?

– Are the restoration objectives focused on biodiversity enhancement, carbon sequestration, ecosystem, or a combination?

– What expertise and human resources are required?

Ecosystem Assessment

– What is the current state of the ecosystem?

– What are the main ecological drivers and stressors affecting the ecosystem?

– What is the historical reference state or desired ecological condition?

–  Soil type, climate, typography, hydrology, climate change

Species Selection
& Composition

– Which native species are best suited for the site's conditions and
restoration goals?

– How will species diversity and composition be determined to promote
resilience and functioning?

– Where will seeds or propagules be sourced from? Are local or adapted
populations available?

– How will genetic diversity be maintained or enhanced to ensure
long-term viability?

– What tree spacing is required? How will you maximise forest architecture eg. canopy, cornerstone, pioneer and seed dispensers?

Invasive Species Management

– What invasive species are present or likely to establish?

– How will they be managed during and after restoration?



Soil, isn’t dirt - it is the foundation of life. Active soil microbiology is essential to the full functioning of
any ecosystem, in particular nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration.